The World In Links Update


I just wanted to let everybody know that as opposed to doing weekly link posts I have decided to publish them on a monthly schedule. This will result in much meatier posts as well as giving me the opportunity to summarize what I found to be some of the most interesting links for that month.

All-in-all this will be a better approach from both a content and publishing perspective. The first post will go up at the end of this month and will include all of the interesting/useful links that I have found on the web during the month of April.

The World In Links [3/26-4/1/2012] -- E-Commerce, Music, PHP

The World In Links by Nicholas Kreidberg Backlift - Easy deployment and hosting for backbone.js apps.

Design - Showcase of vintage and retro web design.

E-Commerce - 10 essential things your site should have.

ImageMagick - Create Instagram filters w/ PHP.

Music - Push music behind 19 startups.

Photography - Inspiring architecture.

PHP - Easy form generation using FuelPHP.

WordPress - 10 SQL queries to clean up your database.

The World In Links [3/5-3/11/2012] -- jQuery, Node, Sublime

The World In Links by Nicholas Kreidberg Backbone.js - Contacts manager tutorial.

Browsers - Cross browser testing right from the browser.

Git - An interactive tutorial.

jQuery - Fresh and useful plugins/tutorials.

Node.js - Nodetuts.

NoSQL - Data modeling techniques.


SEO - 10 mistakes bloggers should avoid.

Sublime Text - Essential plugins and extensions.

Tumblr - A showcase of great looking themes.