The World In Links [6/20-6/26] - Bash, Career Growth, Search, Web Dev

The World In Links by Nicholas Kreidberg Bash/Shell: A tutorial on customizing the command prompt on OSX/*nix systems.

Career Growth: Tips on how to keep evolving as a designer or developer.

CodeIgniter: How to integrate two-factor authentication with CodeIgniter.

Domains: Flippa, the online marketplace for buying/selling domains.

JavaScript: An extensive list of JavaScript tutorials (beg-adv) from Mozilla.

Search: Tools for automating your personal/brand/business searches for heightened online awareness.

Style: Aluminum cufflinks in the likeness of the Apple power button with a subtle pulsating LED.

URL: A solid tutorial on URL rewriting with a lot of examples.

Web: A great rundown of recent news/tutorials/releases pertaining to web development.