GitHub for Mac

GitHub just launched a GUI client for OSX and I am ecstatic. Git/GitHub are fairly easy to work with from the command line but having a GUI client for managing local/remote repositories is really nice. Github App - Launch

Just launch the app (see above) and you will be presented with a clean, simple and functional UI. Your repositories are broken out by local repos on your computer and your remote repos on GitHub. One thing to notice about the screenshot below is the "Clone to Computer" option. This is such a handy feature and provides 1-click cloning to your local machine for any remote repository that you have created or forked.

Github App - List Repos

Naturally you can create local/remote repositories through the app as well and the process really couldn't be easier. Just click "New Repository", fill out the input fields and boom you have new local and remote repository depending on the options you select. Again, all of this is fairly easy to accomplish through the CLI (Command Line Interface) but having it all available through an OSX GUI client is really nice.

Github App - Create New Repo

Managing a repository through the application is a piece of cake. From viewing commit messages to checking for changes, branching, etc you can do it all through the app.

GitHub App - Manage Repo

All-in-all I think the folks at GitHub did a great job with the application and I have heard the same from other developers as well. The response on social networks has been incredibly positive and I was quite surprised to see how excited people got when the release of the application was first announced. I think there are some areas in which additional functionality would prove to be useful but for a first release I am quite pleased.