iOS Sample Application

I recently took a day long crash course on iOS development at The Reno Collective which was a ton of fun. We spent the entire day learning about Xcode, Objective-C and the fundamentals of iOS interface design. One of the very simple "apps" we built to get started included two buttons and when either button was tapped a label appears indicating which button (Left or Right) was pushed. I put all of the code up on Github so feel free to download/fork it there. Our primary project for that day was building a basic to-do list app for the iPhone which I am still working on expanding to do more things. Once I have that completed it will also be put up on Github. Below is a screenshot of what the "iOS Button Fun" application looks like in the simulator. Feel free to grab that code and use it as a starting point for learning Objective-C and developing your first app!

Sample iOS Application