iPad 2 Quick Thoughts & Photos

I got a chance to play w/ the iPad 2 a bit and I have to say it is a real pleasure to use. The smaller dimensions and tighter form factor really do make for a nicer experience. It feels small, easy to hold/use and best of all it still manages to feel solid. Some tablets I have been checking out lately feel a bit like toys and more like something that you would expect from a company like Leap Frog but the iPad remains true to it's sleek professional design. Below are some photos I took using my 13" MacBook Pro as an means for size comparison. 3/15/2011 - iPad 23/15/2011 - iPad 2

3/15/2011 - iPad 2 3/15/2011 - iPad 2

3/15/2011 - iPad 2
Aside from the chassis aesthetics, the screen is absolutely incredible and the dual core processor / upgraded GPU really pack a serious punch. The 1080p video output is really nice and the battery life remains surprisingly good. If you are already a happy (original) iPad owner and aren't chomping at the bit to adopt the latest hardware I would suggest waiting until the price point comes down a bit. If you are a hardcore fanboy/girl or just someone who can't live without the latest and greatest, the iPad 2 still gives you plenty to be excited about.