How I Listen To Music Stats (niczak)
As you might have gathered from some of my other posts or if you follow me on, I love music. I listen to music as much as possible and find that it really makes me happy, productive and more energetic. My listening habits vary quite dramatically depending on the situation and/or what I am trying to accomplish.

At the office or at home when I am working on programming projects I enjoy a very wide variety of different genres. If I am really trying to focus I put on very ambient instrumental music including Aphex Twin, Arovane, Burial, The Cinematic Orchestra, Four Tet, Kiln, and Vector Lovers. If I am working on "busy work" type stuff (i.e. hammering out SQL queries or building simple PHP scripts) I prefer more upbeat electronic music such as Bassnectar, Benny Benassi, The Chemical Brothers, deadmau5, Dirty Vegas, Duck Sauce, Jamiroquai, Moby, Nine Inch Nails and Röyksopp. I have playlists created for all of these purposes which you can view by clicking here.

When I am just lounging around, playing video games or driving in the car I tend to prefer hip-hop music because I find it to be very upbeat, fun to listen to and quite honestly I enjoy bopping my head to the beat while I drive around town. Some of my favorite hip-hop artists include Aesop Rock, Dan The Automator, J-Dilla, Kanye West, Kid Cudi, Lupe Fiasco, Madvillian, Mobb Deep, Nas, Notorious B.I.G. and Talib Kweli. All of these artists feature very different styles as far as lyrics, flow and delivery go but they all promote a strong message and view point. Finding the meanings behind the lyrics and picking apart the verbiage is really a lot of fun and more often than not, incredibly interesting. You can check out my Hip-Hop playlist (updated frequently) by clicking here.

I always love to hear what other people are listening to and what their listening habits are like so lets discuss your listening habits in the comments of this post. Tell me what you like to listen to at work, on the road, at home or wherever else you listen to music. For more info on my listening habits (or to see what I listen to in real-time) check out my profile as well as my Rdio profile.

Happy listening!