Open Source Development and Social Media

What started out as just an average Monday night tweet turned into a neat experience which I think highlights some of the most important aspects of open source development when coupled with social media. I posted a question asking about how to best handle large files (using PHP) w/o actually loading them completely into memory. I got a couple great responses from @rjamestaylor and @wreimers but was rather surprised to get a response from @rasmus. For those of you who don't know Rasmus Lerdorf is the creator of the PHP programming language. It's not every day that you ask a question about a product/service and get an answer straight from the creator. It was like asking a question about my favorite TV show and having the writer of the show respond directly to it, pretty neat right? I asked Rasmus a follow-up question which he also responded to providing some interesting insight into the discussion. Fast forward a few minutes and @wreimers and I had already came to the same solution by using PHP to make calls to system functions. It's neat when something as simple as a tweet can evolve into a discussion with interesting people and ultimately a clever solution to a problem. In my mind this is exactly what open source development and social media are all about, collaboration.