Site Refresh

It has been quite awhile since I altered the design of this website so I decided to go all out and change pretty much everything. Obviously the design / layout is very different and the widgets surrounding the content have all been changed. You will notice some of the content around the body content is the same (Twitter, Flickr, Github) but I am using different methods for driving all of it. My favorite part about the revamp is the introduction of 3-level hierarchical categories for blog posts. When I originally launched this site I expected to use it much more as a launch pad for people to find me elsewhere on the web and to a far lesser extent a blog. Over time it has evolved into much more than just a place to find me on social networks and much closer to a fully fledged blog. As a result these categorical changes were highly necessary and I am very happy to have them in place. I invite everyone to check out the site and see what looks better, what works better, and what might not look quite as good. Please leave your thoughts/opinions in the comments!

Thanks to everybody for reading and I feel very strongly that these changes will do nothing but enhance the user experience.


- Nicholas