Why I Love Rdio

When I first heard about Rdio I was a little skeptical because in all honesty it sounded too good to be true. After browsing their extensive catalog I realized that Rdio was something special. From the moment I subscribed I felt like I had this incredible new power at my finger tips. The power to listen to anything, anywhere at any time. Fortunately all of my expectations have been exceeded and Rdio has delivered in every way. The first thing to do is search for artists/albums/songs and build up your collection, once you do this you can shuffle through your entire collection, play songs by artist/album or just pick and choose specific tracks. To give you an idea of what the (amazing) interface looks like here are screen shots of my Rdio Dashboard along w/ my Rdio Collection.

My Rdio DashboardMy Rdio Collection

The next thing you most likely do is create some playlists. Rdio's playlist functionality is really impressive you can create your own playlists, subscribe to other peoples playlists and even more cool, work with other Rdio users to create collaborative playlists. With the extensive catalog Rdio has to offer and the likely hood that you will add way too many things to your collection, playlists will quickly become your best friend. My Rdio Playlists

Finding new and familiar music on Rdio is a breeze with their simple yet effective search capability. Just type in the name of an artist/album/song and you will be presented with an intuitive list of results ranging from the song you were searching for to other popular songs by that artist, other albums by that artist and even collaborations that artist has been on. Rdio Search: Kanye West

In the beginning of my review I make a comment that you can listen to Rdio anywhere which I am sure many of you thought was untrue since this is a streaming based service. The fact of the matter is Rdio has a very nice mobile sync capability that allows you sync your collection or just specific playlists (recommended) to your mobile device. Your mobile device must be connected via Wi-Fi to do the sync but once things are sync'd you don't have to worry about going out of 3G/4G range because you will have content on your device locally. We sync'd up one of our playlists for a recent road trip and drove all through the mountains between Nevada and California without any interruption.

Rdio Mobile Sync

New releases start becoming available on Rdio after Midnight on release day so every Tuesday when you get up you will be greeted with tons of new albums to check out and add to your collection which keeps everything very fresh and exciting. I really can't say enough good things about this service, I have completely abandoned iTunes on all my desktops and iOS devices and replaced it with Rdio. I have always liked last.fm because it does a great job of keeping listening history/stats and Rdio even scrobbles all your plays to last.fm once you "connect" your account so you can keep generating those stats and still use Rdio as your primary player.

In short, this is by far the best music listening service on the net. I give it a solid A+. To check out Rdio and their free trial just click here.