Updates to 'What I Use'

I realized it had been far too long (over a year and a half, yikes!) since I updated my 'What I Use' page so there were a number of things listed that I don't use any more, devices that have been retired, services that don't exist, etc.  I thought about striking things out as opposed to removing them but that would get messy over time so they have been banished to the nether.

That said, many new things added and only a few removed so it's good to see that most things are standing the test of time. I plan to do a post on the 5 year anniversary of the original publishing to show the first version side by side with the current and to discuss why apps/services were replaced by others.

Anyhow, thanks for sticking around this long and I hope you have found a few golden nuggets in that post over the last few years!

View updated post here.