The World In Links [2/13-2/19/2012] -- Architecture, OSX, Security

The World In Links by Nicholas Kreidberg Architecture - Tumblr, 15 billion page views a month.

CLI - Customizing your command prompt.

Coding Style - Zen or distraction?

Design - Themes for Twitter Bootstrap.

Developers - The price of happiness.

Meetings - Where work goes to die.

OSX - A look into the new Messages app.

Security - Detect what a mobile app is sending to its servers.

Typography - Free fonts that make a great first impression.

The World In Links [3/21-3/27]

Architecture: Finding inspiration in building design.
Chrome: 40 useful extensions for web designers.

CodeIgniter: Tank Auth authentication library for CI based on DX.

CSS3: A beginners guide.

Design: Charts for better color and typography choices.

HTML5: The current state of forms.

Marketing: Logo evolution of 25 famous brands.

SEO: A beginners guide to using Google Webmaster tools.

Source Code: A gist I created that illustrates how to use PHP data in JavaScript functions.

Typography: A collection of 10 fresh (and free) fonts to spice up your design.