Zachary's school recently hosted STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math) night which brought out a ton of families and a lot of great projects. Minecraft was clearly a theme this year as we saw a lot of projects that leveraged it in some fashion but we also saw multiple confetti canons, a really neat volcano, a physics project with a focus on athletics, some coding projects, and even a series of experiments of the effects of different liquids on teeth.

Naturally being the geeks that we are, Zachary and I went the 'Technology' route and built a website using Squarespace. Our family is a huge fan of the Timberwolves so we set off to build a Timberwolves themed website with photos, charts, historical facts, and more. It gave me the opportunity to share some web design/development concepts with Zachary while also providing him with a great opportunity to use the internet to do some research. He used a variety of sources for the historical facts, the chart/graph data, and other content. It served as a good preview of what research papers will be like in middle school next year.

Zachary presenting his project to a group of students. 

All-in-all, the school did a great job of providing equal parts education and entertainment all while promoting the STEM/STEAM initiative.

The World In Links [1/30-2/5/2012] -- Developers, Facebook, SQL

The World In Links by Nicholas Kreidberg Art: A wonderful showcase of 3D digital renders.

Customer Service: GetHuman promises to get you to a service representative faster.

Developers: The trajectory of a software engineer and where it all goes wrong.

Facebook: A ton of S-1 related information thanks to my friends at TNW.

PHP: Methods for increasing file upload limit.

Real Estate: Zillow is one of the best sites I have seen for finding houses.

SQL: SQL Fiddle (much like JS Fiddle) lets you "fiddle" around with SQL via the web.

The World In Links [1/16-1/22/2012] -- Art, Gadgets, PHP

The World In Links by Nicholas Kreidberg Art: A showcase of amazing pixel art.

Gadgets: 30 famous tech gadgets disassembled.

jQuery Mobile: A beginners guide.

PHP: 10 snippets you probably haven't seen.

Regular Expressions: RegEx patterns for use w/ JavaScript's .match() method.