The World In Links [8/29-9/4/2011] -- Branding, Inspiration, Lifestyle

The World In Links by Nicholas Kreidberg Blogging: 9 inspirational lessons from Steve Jobs.

Branding: Customize your WordPress login screen.

Chrome: A guide on skinning the inspector.

Inspiration: 60 awesome and inspirational workspaces.

iOS: An introduction to NSString.

Lifestyle: Why geek is the new cool.

Marketing: The future of mobile marketing.

Sublime Text: Tips & tricks.

WordPress: 10 very useful shortcodes.

Workflow: GitHub flow.

The World In Links [5/2-5/15]

Blogging: 20 essential tools and applications for bloggers.
Branding: 50 examples of the logo design process.

CSS3: Online tools to help simplify and speed-up CSS3 development.

Hardware: The crazy state of SSD's.

Humor: Hilarious comments found in source code.

iOS: iPhone/iPad apps for coders and sysadmins.

Joomla: A step-by-step tutorial on creating a Joomla template from scratch.

Life: Tips on finding the perfect balance between life and work.

PHP: A tutorial on creating an extendable FTP class.

Productivity: The small-scale approach to achieving great things.

Python: Learning Python from scratch.

Wallpapers: iPad wallpapers for video game lovers.

WordPress: Plugins and snippets for improving WordPress search.