The World In Links [5/16-5/22]

The World In Links by Nicholas Kreidberg CouchDB: The definitive guide.

Design: Really great designs for when you just can't avoid a "coming soon" page.

GitHub: New gist created.

OSX: A nifty keyboard shortcut for selecting audio input/output devices.

PHP: Create WordPress plugins using basic OOP techniques.

SEO: Site speed tracking with Google Analytics.

WordPress: Deploy your site to the cloud using AWS.

The World In Links [3/7-3/13]

API: The Google Libraries API.
Art: Paper sculptures.

CouchDB: An introduction to NoSQL/CouchDB.

Design: Fresh icon sets.

HTML5: Canvas from scratch.

jQuery: 8 new plugins for your toolbox.

Parenting: 10 Parenting traits for happy families.

PHP: Symfony2 in 5 minutes.

Typography: A look at some fonts used in popular logos.

WordPress: Build a WordPress 3.0 theme from scratch.