A lot of people ask me why I use certain social media services, namely Four Square and Instagram. While there are several reasons why I use them a really big one that I think most people are unaware of is Timehop. Timehop is a service which connects your various social media accounts and each day it allows you look back and see what you did (essentially what you shared on those platforms) one year, two years, three years and even as far back as five years ago. I look forward to launching the Timehop app each day, seeing what I was talking about in years past and reminiscing about what my wife and I were doing on that day years ago. Timehop has the ability to pull in data from Facebook, Foursquare, Flickr, Instagram and Twitter so you get location data, photos and obviously tweets. Data is presented in an attractive UI and is arranged in chronological order.

Timehop - 1 Year   Timehop - 2 Years   Timehop - 3 Years

Like I mentioned before I use these services for a number of reasons but I can say that the number one reason I use Foursquare is because of the Timehop integration. It's really entertaining to see where I was in years past and what I was up to.

If you use any number of the services that Timehop supports I highly recommend signing up for the (free) service.

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