Current Status

As I am sure some of you have noticed I haven't been quite as active on my blog (aside from the weekly link posts) and I wanted to provide some explanation as to why. Aside from all of the busyness of the season and my usual 9-5 + consulting work, I have also been putting in a lot of time on a side-project that I am going to release very soon.

My typical weekend lately...

I will be putting up a very detailed post in the near future about the project including links as well as some breakdowns on how we accomplished certain aspects of the project from a programming and design perspective.

In short, I have been incredibly busy and will have something exciting to share with everybody very soon, stay tuned!

-- Nicholas

The World In Links [5/2-5/15]

Blogging: 20 essential tools and applications for bloggers.
Branding: 50 examples of the logo design process.

CSS3: Online tools to help simplify and speed-up CSS3 development.

Hardware: The crazy state of SSD's.

Humor: Hilarious comments found in source code.

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Productivity: The small-scale approach to achieving great things.

Python: Learning Python from scratch.

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The World In Links [3/14-3/20]

Analytics: 7 Essential Google Intelligence custom alerts.
Development: The ABCs of web development.

Drizzle: Non-Oracle MySQL fork deemed ready for prime time.

Github: I published two new gists this week for CSV parsing and DB insertion.

Humor: The likability of Angry Birds by the Oatmeal.

IE: The things Internet Explorer got right.

JavaScript: Dictionary look-ups in JavaScript.

jQuery: An amazing chart that breaks down current library recommendations for building large-scale MVC applications.

Life: 9 Mindfulness rituals to make your life better.

RegEx: Using regular expressions: tools and resources.

TextMate: 20+ shortcuts you should use all of the time.

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