The World In Links [May, 2012] -- Coffee, JavaScript, PHP

The World In Links by Nicholas Kreidberg Coffee - 40 creative mugs, cups and glasses.
Diff - Online tools for comparing code.
Excel - 30 geeky artworks creating with Excel.
Facebook - 5 privacy settings you should know.
Fonts - Super clean, high quality free fonts.
Google - How To Download Your Data.
htaccess - Case-insensitive RedirectMatch.
Humor - 40 Ridiculously Oversized Every Day Objects.
JavaScript - Prototypes in JS.
jQuery - Why nobody used your plugin.
Maps - Some of the coolest uses of the Google Maps API.
MongoDB - Getting started with Mongo and PHP.
PHP - The Fat-Free framework.
Ruby - RubyMotion, the Ruby toolchain for iOS development.
Sublime Text - BracketHighlighter plugin.

The World In Links [April, 2012] -- Code, Mobile, Ruby

The World In Links by Nicholas Kreidberg Code - My recently updated projects on Github.
Github - Instantly Beautiful Project Pages.
HTML5 - Toying w/ the HTML5 File System API.
Lifestyle - 8 tips to simplify your work life.
Mobile Security - The top 10 Security Tools For Your Smartphone.
MongoDB - A year with Mongo.
Monitoring - Monitor your Website’s Uptime with Google Docs.
Phono - A simple jQuery plugin and JavaScript library that turns the browser into a phone.
Photography - A showcase of landscape photography.
Ruby - Teach your children Ruby with Kidsruby.
Snippets - Awesome sites to find useful code snippets.
WordPress - Useful action hooks and filters.

New Project Stack

After much deliberation my business partner and I have decided on the stack for our next project. It is going to be client-side-heavy and highly interactive which was a big motivator in a number of our decisions. So without further ado here is the stack:

        Backbone.js  Node.js  mongoDB

- Backbone.js [Client-side framework] - Bootstrap [Design] - jQuery [DOM manipulation] - MongoDB [Data store] - Node.js [Server-side event-driven I/O]

We will also be using some other JavaScript tool kits but haven't quite nailed down which yet.  Some backend stuff will be done with either Ruby or PHP, we are currently exploring the pros and cons to each.  I will provide updates as we go and release more information as I am able to share it.