The World In Links [3/5-3/11/2012] -- jQuery, Node, Sublime

The World In Links by Nicholas Kreidberg Backbone.js - Contacts manager tutorial.

Browsers - Cross browser testing right from the browser.

Git - An interactive tutorial.

jQuery - Fresh and useful plugins/tutorials.

Node.js - Nodetuts.

NoSQL - Data modeling techniques.


SEO - 10 mistakes bloggers should avoid.

Sublime Text - Essential plugins and extensions.

Tumblr - A showcase of great looking themes.

The World In Links [10/31-11/6/2011] -- Crowdsourcing, Hacking, PHP

The World In Links by Nicholas Kreidberg Coffee: Starbucks roasts now available in K-Cups.

Crowdsourcing: Explanation, pros, cons and more.

Hacking: Let's make a distributed hackathon.

Node.js: Page scraping tutorial.

NoSQL: An introduction and pros/cons of using NoSQL architecture.

PHP: Zend framework from scratch tutorial series.

Tropo: Add voice, SMS, Twitter and IM integration into your applications.

WordPress: 50 great (and free) themes from 2011.

The World In Links [3/7-3/13]

API: The Google Libraries API.
Art: Paper sculptures.

CouchDB: An introduction to NoSQL/CouchDB.

Design: Fresh icon sets.

HTML5: Canvas from scratch.

jQuery: 8 new plugins for your toolbox.

Parenting: 10 Parenting traits for happy families.

PHP: Symfony2 in 5 minutes.

Typography: A look at some fonts used in popular logos.

WordPress: Build a WordPress 3.0 theme from scratch.