As I mentioned in a post last week, I have been hard at work (w/ Mitchell Hislop and Pete Barry) on a project that just went live last Thursday. The project is called TwinkleTrail and its goal is to make the process of finding christmas lights in/around your city significantly easier. The site allows users to add locations, search for locations already in the database and ultimately create their own customized list of locations that they want to see. When users visit the site they immediately have the ability to search for locations, add new ones and view the most recently added locations. This interface makes it easy to do a variety of tasks right from the home page which provides users with a lot of flexibility. I had thought about posting a series of screen shots from the home page but I think it would be a lot more beneficial for users to check it out for themselves.

Once you have added points to your trail you can click the "View My Trail" button to get a list of all the points you have added as well as the option to create your route/map. By simply entering a starting location and an ending location (these can be specific addresses, zip codes or just 'city, state') TwinkleTrail will find the best route for you and provide you with a map and detailed directions to find all of your locations.

TwinkleTrail - My TrailTwinkleTrail - Map

As you can see the UI is very clean and simple which makes managing your trail a breeze. Points can be added and/or removed at any time and it only takes a matter of seconds to generate a new set of directions/map.

All-in-all we are very excited about this project and would like to hear any/all feedback from our users. Please feel free to post comments here or contact me on Twitter.

For more information please check out our official press release.