The World In Links [11/14-11/20/2011] -- CoffeeScript, jQuery, Photography

The World In Links by Nicholas Kreidberg Amazing Facts: A collection of mind-blowing facts and information via Quora.

Cassandra: The Apache Foundation's highly scalable, distributed, structured key-value store database.

CoffeeScript: Write better JavaScript with CoffeeScript.

CSS: InstaCSS is terrific online resource for CSS-related documentation.

jQuery: A quick and easy method for resizing images by Kevin Jones.

LOLShirts: An online store featuring a bunch of hilarious graphic tees. A free website/server monitoring tool.

Node.js: A beginners guide to learning Node.

Optimization: 20 online tools for measuring website performance.

Photography: A brilliant showcase of industrial photography including factories, railroads, etc.

Python: A from-scratch tutorial for creating dynamic websites.