The World In Links [11/21-11/27/2011] -- CodeIgniter, Firebug, MongoDB

The World In Links by Nicholas Kreidberg Chrome: Game changing performance increase with new garbage collection routine.

CodeIgniter: Easy package management using Sparks.

CSS: Creating style sheets for print.

Firebug: A guide for using Firebug from a design perspective.

Google+: 10 productive things you should be doing.

jQuery: 10 awesome snippets.

MongoDB: A getting started tutorial.

MySQL: Generate complete Excel spreadsheet using a database.

PostgreSQL: Heroku launches cloud-based database-as-a-service.

Ruby: Installing Rails and MySQL on Lion.

Tools & Toys: The 2011 Christmas catalog.

Web Development: Injecting custom HTML and CSS into an iFrame.

The World In Links [10/10-10/16/2011] -- Analytics, Coffee, Klout

The World In Links by Nicholas Kreidberg Analytics: 45+ scripts and services to analyze website traffic.

Coffee: A great selection of Keurig K-Cups including reviews.

Design: Mastering responsive web design.

Error Handling: Mastering PHP exceptions.

Klout: The tech behind the Klout stack.

PHP: NinjAuth is a social integration package for PHP.

Rails: The introduction (screencast) we all wish we had.