The World In Links [1/16-1/22/2012] -- Art, Gadgets, PHP

The World In Links by Nicholas Kreidberg Art: A showcase of amazing pixel art.

Gadgets: 30 famous tech gadgets disassembled.

jQuery Mobile: A beginners guide.

PHP: 10 snippets you probably haven't seen.

Regular Expressions: RegEx patterns for use w/ JavaScript's .match() method.

The World In Links [1/1-1/15/2012] -- CSS, Growth, Responsive Design

The World In Links by Nicholas Kreidberg CoffeeScript: Getting started.

Commenting: Best practices for source code comments.

CSS: How to properly design a stylesheet for print.

Growth: 10 New Year's resolutions every developer should make.

HTML5: Cheat sheets.

JavaScript: Frameworks, tools and techniques for creating killer web applications.

Regular Expressions: Getting up and running.

Responsive Design: 10 tools frameworks for responsive web design.

Ruby: Learn code the (right) hard way.

The World In Links [3/14-3/20]

Analytics: 7 Essential Google Intelligence custom alerts.
Development: The ABCs of web development.

Drizzle: Non-Oracle MySQL fork deemed ready for prime time.

Github: I published two new gists this week for CSV parsing and DB insertion.

Humor: The likability of Angry Birds by the Oatmeal.

IE: The things Internet Explorer got right.

JavaScript: Dictionary look-ups in JavaScript.

jQuery: An amazing chart that breaks down current library recommendations for building large-scale MVC applications.

Life: 9 Mindfulness rituals to make your life better.

RegEx: Using regular expressions: tools and resources.

TextMate: 20+ shortcuts you should use all of the time.

UX: How to ruin the user experience in 20 simple steps.