The World In Links [9/12-9/18/2011] -- Gaming, HTML5, Ruby

The World In Links by Nicholas Kreidberg Blogging: How to start earning money from your blog.

Database: 5 steps to scaling any database.

Gaming: Play almost any Apple II or IIgs game in your browser.

HTML5: Mastering HTML5 prefetching.

iOS: A video tutorial on the MVC approach to iOS development.

Node.js: Useful tools, tutorials and resources.

Photography: Water photo manipulation showcase.

Ruby: The best way to learn Rails.

TextMate: Snippets video tutorial.

WordPress: 25 free plugins for multi-author blogs.

The World In Links [8/1-8/7] -- HTML5, Instagram, iOS, Productivity

The World In Links by Nicholas Kreidberg Coding: Sublime Text is an excellent cross-platform editor for code, html and etc.

Github: Github feed creates an RSS feed from commits to a Github repository.

HTML5: Request a users location with the HTML5 Geolocation API.

Instagram: Printstagram is a great service for making albums, prints and posters from your Instagram photos.

iOS: An introduction to the UITableViewController.

JavaScript: An introduction to knockout.js.

JSON: JSONLint is an online JSON validator.

Productivity: Vitamin-R is a very unique approach to time/project management.

Psychology: 13 tips for dealing with a really lousy day.

RSS: Feeder allows you to create, edit and publish RSS and podcast feeds.

TextMate: Essential shortcuts, tips and techniques.

WordPress: Extending the core functionality of WordPress.

The World In Links [3/14-3/20]

Analytics: 7 Essential Google Intelligence custom alerts.
Development: The ABCs of web development.

Drizzle: Non-Oracle MySQL fork deemed ready for prime time.

Github: I published two new gists this week for CSV parsing and DB insertion.

Humor: The likability of Angry Birds by the Oatmeal.

IE: The things Internet Explorer got right.

JavaScript: Dictionary look-ups in JavaScript.

jQuery: An amazing chart that breaks down current library recommendations for building large-scale MVC applications.

Life: 9 Mindfulness rituals to make your life better.

RegEx: Using regular expressions: tools and resources.

TextMate: 20+ shortcuts you should use all of the time.

UX: How to ruin the user experience in 20 simple steps.