YouTube TV - No More Excuses to Keep Cable

YouTube TV

So far when I have spoke to people about YouTube TV most assume I am talking about watching YouTube on a television but these are two totally separate things.  YouTube TV is a new-ish offering from our friends at Google which allows you watch over 40 channels of live television complete with on-demand, cloud DVR with no storage limits, and the ability to share this access with up to 6 people in your household.  We had been paying close to $75/mo through our cable provider for some of these features so when I saw that YouTube TV was $35/mo I was both excited and skeptical. 

I signed up for the trial because the idea of giving Comcast less money month is always appealing but just as important, I hate having to effectively lease equipment from cable providers just to use their service.  I have always bought my own cable modems/routers for this reason but when it comes to cable/DVR boxes things aren't as cheap or simple. I started my trial at a great time as the NBA season had just started and I am an avid Timberwolves fan.  My first test of the service was to watch the live basketball game using Chromecast on our 60" TV.  I was a little concerned about potential lag or quality issues but those concerns were completely unnecessary. The quality was great, there were no lag issues and I was tweeting right along with people watching the game on cable/NBA League Pass which put my other concern of delays to rest.  All in all my first experience was an easy 10/10.

After passing its first test I added my wife and son to our plan and had all of us create favorites and see how the interface worked, again scoring a 10/10.  We watched a couple of current shows over the next couple days including American Horror Story and Gotham, both of which went without a hitch.  Great quality and able to watch live one of them live as it aired and the other via DVR since it had been added as a favorite show.  It's really great being able to manage content/favorites via a PC in browser and then using the YouTube TV app on Android/iOS to stream to Chromecast, it's a great experience from end-to-end.

I highly recommend this service to anyone who has access to it (it's not available in some smaller markets, yet) and can't find any reason to choose cable over this for the vast majority of people.

For the recap/TLDR version, you get 40+ channels for $35/mo, you can share with up to 6 people in your household, you get unlimited DVR storage, and Google will send you a free Chromecast as soon as you pay for your first full month.  With all that said, what is your excuse for hanging on to the expensive cable bill each month?  Let me know in the comments!