The World In Links [2/13-2/19/2012] -- Architecture, OSX, Security

The World In Links by Nicholas Kreidberg Architecture - Tumblr, 15 billion page views a month.

CLI - Customizing your command prompt.

Coding Style - Zen or distraction?

Design - Themes for Twitter Bootstrap.

Developers - The price of happiness.

Meetings - Where work goes to die.

OSX - A look into the new Messages app.

Security - Detect what a mobile app is sending to its servers.

Typography - Free fonts that make a great first impression.

The World In Links [10/24-10/30/2011] -- iCloud, Node, Typography

The World In Links by Nicholas Kreidberg AmplifyJS: A JavaScript library designed to solve web application problems.

Coffee: 40 beautiful examples of latte art.

htaccess: 10 snippets to optimize your website.

HTML5: 40 addictive browser-based games.

iCloud: Deleting photos from your Photo Stream.

iOS: Beginner's guide to development with a focus on the interface.

jQuery: Face detection plugin.

Node.js: Install and configure Express and create a basic project with it.

Typography: The ultimate collection of free progressional fonts.

WordPress: 50 great themes from 2011.

The World In Links [4/25-5/1]

Github: Recent Updates.
Google: 10 Labs experiments you should know about.

iOS: iPhone/iPad apps for coders and sys admins.

iPhone 4: A great rundown of 30+ unique cases/sleeves for the best smart phone on the market.

Ruby: Essential Ruby & Rails 3 reading.

Typography: 7 types of extra bold fonts.

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